Manos Unidas

At Balcones de Majagual we are always looking to find ways to participate and assist our surrounding community.

One of our absolute favourite groups is Manos Unidas which is a cooperative assisting people with various disabilities to provide themselves with independence, friendship and an improved quality of life by the selling of good created solely by them.  Founded by Brooke Rundle & Bastin Vrancken Manos Unidas means "hands together" which this certainly is wonderful example of.

On your check in to Balcones you will be handed one of their stylish bags woven out of discarded rice bags to store your items during your stay.   You can learn more about the bags by clicking the link below and if you would like one of these bags for your own use (we imagine you will) of let us know and we can easily arrange this for you for a small cost.