Flying to Nicaragua

We can't believe how easy it is getting to fly here to Nicaragua!  Everyday we are seeing new flights, routes, and methods of arrival!  The best news to date for our friends in Eastern Canada is the DIRECT flight to Managua from Toronto!  And the rate!  This makes Nicaragua one of the most affordable destinations out there for our friends from the north- we look forward to hosting you all here in Balcones de Majagual


Manus Unidas

At Balcones de Majagual we are always looking to find ways to participate and assist our surrounding community.

One of our absolute favourite groups is Manos Unidas which is a cooperative assisting people with various disabilities to provide themselves with independence, friendship and an improved quality of life by the selling of good created solely by them.  Founded by Brooke Rundle & Bastin Vrancken Manos Unidas means "hands together" which this certainly is wonderful example of.

On your check in to Balcones you will be handed one of their stylish bags woven out of discarded rice bags to store your items during your stay.   You can learn more about the bags by clicking the link below and if you would like one of these bags for your own use (we imagine you will) of let us know and we can easily arrange this for you for a small cost.


Photo Sessions for Balcones de Majagual Guests

Perhaps your Nicaraguan vacation is more than just a vacation!  Maybe you are celebrating an engagement, an anniversary, a family reunion or honeymoon- or having your wedding here (yes guest get married at Balcones de Majagual)!  Perhaps something you would want to document so you can always remember it- well - great news.  We have just the people for this exact thing.  The team at Two Of You Photography comprised of two (surprise) top photographers Joel Andrew Johnson  and Heather "Blue" Van Doorninck are happy to offer their services at special rates for Balcones Guests.  If you are looking to capture a special day or special moment we can't recommend these two enough (all these beautiful pics on the website are courtesy of Joel and Blue's work is stunning!)  You can contact them directly for more details or us here at Balcones de Majagual also!

Nicaragua Wedding-114.jpg


Best Eats in SJDS

We get this question a lot from our guests at Balcones de Majagual!  Here is a list compiled by one of our meet and greets extraordinaire Nicole for you to read over- Enjoy and happy eating!



1. Restaurant recommendations.

  • The BBQ chicken lady (Asada Juanitas) who sets up her BBQ in the street at sunset. She is located on the cement road next to the central market, across the street from the Cerveseria (Brewery)
  • G&G Gourmet (located one block north from the Remax office) Has been mentioned as the best restaurant in town.
  • Pizza on the Beach. Located next to El Timon Restaurant but closed on Tuesdays
  • Pelican Eyes Resort & Restaurant with their infinity edge pool and amazing views of SJDS. Great for sunsets and keeping kids busy.
  • El Pollito Pescador Their filet Mignon is my favorite as well as the chocolate mousse for dessert.
  • Taco Stop for tacos and burritos. Located next to Barrio Cafe, across the street from The Sanchez Market (imported goods store)
  • Simon Says for amazing smoothies, salads, and sandwiches. Across the street from Nacho Libre.
  • Nacho Libre for gourmet burgers.
  • Restaurant Vivians for good Nicaraguan food with a view of the Port of San Juan.
  • El Timon offers Cultural Night on Thursday. Experience traditional music, dancing, and costumes from Nicaragua's rich history. Go for Happy Hour and stay for dinner. Starts around 7:30 PM.
  • Taco Locos on Playa Maderas. The best nachos and fish tacos in the area!

2. Best happy hours.

  • Vivian Restaurant has HH from 4-8PM, 7 days a week. 
  • El Timon has HH from 4-6 PM, 5 days a week. 
  • Pelican Eyes Resort on Friday has 2x1 glasses of wine starting at 5-7 PM with live music.

3. Big Wave Daves on Saturdays has a Farmers Market that goes from 9-12 PM where you can buy organic greens, BBQ meats, pastries, local coffee, and a whole assortment of goods and produce not available anywhere else.

4. Buddhas Garden for the veterinarian in your group offers all raw, all organic, all vegan options and is hands down delicious. The restaurant is located inside Zen Yoga.

Casa Selva-82.jpg

Four wild hotels in Nicaragua

We were thrilled to see some of our favourite partners here in San Juan del Sur make the top four wild experieces here in Nicaragua!  Blue over at Rancho Chilamate has been taking care of our guests for years- and Morgans Rock has been providing our guests with excellent care, excursions and meals.  Well done everyone!


Rancho Chilamate 11-14 (26 of 34).jpg

Birds in Balcones!

We recently had the privilege of hosting guests at Casa Francesca that were avid birders!  Noel and June spent three weeks in the community photographing and documenting the birds that were present in Balcones de Majagual during the months of February and March and they were kind enough to supply us with a list of the birds the noted during their stay!  Let's see which ones you can spot while you are here!  Thank so much Noel and June!

Brown Pelican    Neotropic Cormorant   Magnigicent Frigatebird   Cattle Egret   Great Egret   Snowy Egret   White Ibis   Black Vulture   Turkey Vulture   Common/Mangrove Black-Hawk   Crested Caracara   White-winged Dove   Ruddy Ground Dove   Inca Dove   Short-billed Pigeon   Rock Dove   Elegant Tern   Laughing Gull   Orange-fronted Parakeet   White-fronted Parrot   Orange-chinned Parakeet   Squirrel Cuckoo   Grove-billed Ani    Pacific Screech-Owl    Costa Rican Pygmy-Owl   Stripe-throated Hermit    Cinnamon Hummingbird   Black-headed Trogon    Elegant Trogon    Turquoise-browed Motmot    White-necked Puffbird    Collared Aracari    Hoffmann’s Woodpecker    Western Wood-Pewee    Great-creasted Flycatcher    Brown-crested Flycatcher    Great Kiskadee   Social Flycatcher    Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher    Tropical Kingbird    Masked Tityra   White-throated Magpie Jay    Barn Swallow    Mangrove Swallow    Rufous-naped Wren    Banded Wren    Clay-colored Robin    Yellow Warbler    Stripe-headed Sparrow    Melodious Blackbird    Great-tailed Grackle   Streak-backed Oriole

Wildlife abounds in Balcones de Majagual

A common question of guests is what can we expect to see wildlife wise?  Will we see a monkey? A snake?  On a recent five day visit this past December/January this is the Nicaraguan wildlife the guest of Casa La Serena was privy to seeing- thanks so much for letting us know Charlie!  Make sure to get out and walk around the community during your stay- sightings like this are uncommon outside of Balcones de Majagual


 I saw two owls, two two-toed sloths, many hawks, a few osprey, tons of congos, one white faced monkey, one giant cane toad (i ran into it in the dark and af first I thought it was a cat!), one boa and one of those small tapir - it is truly a unique and perfectly preserved eco system. 



Remax San Juan del Sur

The community of Balcones de Majagual has been fortunate enough to be working with the talented Gabriela Castillo of Remax San Juan del Sur Nicaragua for many years.  Gabriela has been a part of our team since the inception, and if you read any review of our community you will find her name mentioned with glowing accolades written afterwards.  Many of our guests inquire about becoming part of the Balcones de Majagual community or the San Juan del Sur area by purchasing their own piece of paradise- and we of course suggest you contact Gabriela and her husband Pedro at Remax San Juan del Sur  for any of your questions.   Their team is informed, professional and knowledgable about both our community and the surrounding area.  We can't say enough good stuff about these guys!


Gabriela and Pedro can be reached at 

Gabriela Castillo 

RE/MAX Coastal Properties - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Office: USA +(415) 251-5757 ; Office: NIC +(505) 2568-2055
Twitter I Facebook I @REMAXNicaragua



Morgans Rock

The original Eco-lodge in Nicargua, pioneers in bringing you to Nicaragua, and partner property to Balcones de Majagual!  Guests at Balcones de Majagual benefit from exclusive privileges at the nearby Morgans Rock.  Book a day pass that you can put towards lunch, dinner, beverages or one of the many tours on offer.  Looking for a special evening?  Let us help arrange a dinner booking for you!  Morgans Rock is a five minute drive from our community- and allows you to have a special night or evening of pampering while still enjoying the spirit of independent travel we offer you at Balcones de Majagual.   Once you've booked with us- let us know what day you would be interested in enjoying this exclusive offer and we will arrange everything for you- all you have to do is show up prepared to enjoy!