Welcome to our gallery of Nicaragua

We are thrilled to have a gallery of images curated for the Balcones de Majagual community by Joel Andrew Johnson Photography.  These images reflect the natural beauty of Nicaragua and the many different experiences awaiting you here.   All images on this website can be purchased for display in your home or business.  Contact us for more details here at Balcones de Majagual or contact Joel directly though his website


The capital of Managua- once the hippest locale in all of Nicaragua- and now a fascinating look at a once vibrant capitol become literally a place where the streets have no name.

Esteli, the heart of the cattle, coffee and cigar culture of Nicaragua.  For those looking to uncover the heart of this country, and truly delve into a different side of this country and meet the true cowboys and ranchers, growers and pickers Esteli offers a truly different experience (and temperature!  bring a jacket!)

Leon Nicaragua- set against the backdrop of some of Nicaragua's most active and beautiful volcanos, Leon is a cultural hub of Nicaragua and a university town.  While not as flashy as Granada, man prefer Leons faded grander and livery university town atmosphere.  With beautiful churches and nearby beach such as Los Penitas, if you have little extra time Leon is a worthy destination

The town of Masaya is the hub of the arts and crafts scene in Nicaragua- the perfect place to pick up your hammock to bring back home with you to Nicaragua, or some of the fine wood craft and paintings also available.  Easily combined with your day trip to Granada- make sure to stop in

The colonial city of Granada- aging beauty and grace line the streets of this spanish town.  Colourful doors and homes line the streets- and wonderful restaurants and craft stores make Granada a perfect day or overnight trip on your stay in Nicaragua.  Rich in history, culture and architecture it is not to be missed.

This is San Juan del Sur- beautiful beaches, incredible sunset, a lively a welcoming town of 16,000 people perched right on the pacific ocean.  While fun is to be had at the numerous restaurants and bars, the town has maintained it's sleepy fisherman village vibe keeping it low key and relaxed.   Make sure to explore all the beaches north and south of the town and keep your eyes open for the local wildlife!

When you come to Nicaragua we want to make sure you spread your wings and explore- there is so much to see!  One of the jewels of Nicaragua and Central America is the twin Volcano Island of Ometepe.  A rich and fertile island providing organic foods and coffee, this is incredible location to overnight.  Take the ferry across Lake Nicaragua and step off the boat and back in time.